Our first short summer school in Creative Writing will run at De Montfort University from 5th – 16th July. It’s aimed at beginners who want a kick start with creative writing. YA and children’s author Bali Rai will be doing a session in week one and local publisher Farhana Shaikh will be talking about publishing and looking at the work produced by writers on the course right at the end. Participants will get the chance to produce a small publication as part of their learning in the two weeks.

Perhaps you already have a first degree and would like to join our MA programme, but don’t have much experience. Or maybe you just want to learn as much as possible to get going by yourself. This intense, two week programme aims to take you through all the basics and help you establish your own creative practice.

Creative Writing: an introduction to Craft and Community

This focussed introduction to Creative Writing will give you a strong foundation in writing craft, and a stimulating experience of the sense of community that underpins a writing practice. Creative writing is all about learning-through-doing and sharing what you do. This short course gives you the experience of joining a fresh workshop group for an exciting fortnight. You will learn to give and receive productive feedback, and be taught a range of the basic craft skills foundational for writing fiction, poetry and script. This increased understanding will culminate in collaborating with your peers on publishing a mini-anthology, putting your editing skills into practice. There will also be an opportunity to learn to perform material in a friendly environment, and to receive feedback and advice from a local publisher. The course is taught by experienced tutors, with guest author slots; and tea and biscuits!

More details on this course can be found on the University’s website here