To be honest, I’ve never come across such an inspiring person as Pheebs Jameson. I’ve never been one to listen to TED talks or podcasts, but I feel that has all changed now. Truthfully, I was hooked straight from the start.

The way Pheebs Jameson spoke of her experiences of self-harm, bullying, trauma, and insecurities really moved me. Especially when she talked about how she’s still not fully fine and how it’s okay to not be fine.

Her views on how school fails to teach us about some of the most important aspects of our lives struck a chord with me; I’m ready to stand with her. We need to change our culture and systems and speak up for the “yet-to-be cured” topics, such as fatphobia and sexuality.

She spoke freely on a range of topics, not shying away from difficult subjects. Yet she didn’t make anyone feel guilty about themselves, but rather advocated improving the world.

She is a magnificent person making a difference in the world and I recommend giving her a listen.