‘Low Girl x Courtney Askey: in Conversation, Revisited,’ is a relaxed performance that targets a wide audience of people such as fellow music-lovers and songwriters. It left us on the edge of our seats with Courtney and Low Girl’s alluring voice and musical genius in song writing. The songs were personal and the introductory song about the ‘forbidden fruit,’ was a beautiful start and welcomed us into the live! ‘Okay Someday,’ accompanied by an electrical guitar and keyboard, is a personal favourite with its uplifting message and reassurance towards its listeners, fitting for the calm atmosphere displayed with the relaxed set up and casual talk throughout. The slow-tempo and minimalistic melody accompanies the lyrics well which is soothing to the soul; the soft rhythm creates a healing tone to the music -easy to listen to when you are relaxing. 

We really enjoyed the calm energy this performance gave and believe it is well received with its message of societal expectations and mental wellness. We would encourage anyone and everyone to try this performance as it is very eye-opening and a soothing watch. We booked tickets through the visually appealing promotional shots found on the event’s page, and it did not disappoint. It is well-deserving of its place in DMU’s Cultural eXchange event, and we look forward to seeing more of these performers, Sarah, Toby, and Courtney, next year if they put together another welcomed musical performance. 

-Danniella Itorma, Caitlin Newcombe