A Review of Queered that Consent?

Podcast host Priya Mistry was joined by sound artist Tobi Adebajo and performance artist Symoré in a conversation about queer practices, identity and polygamy within the topic of consent. 

One of the most important points raised was that of consent within the workplace. For students catching glimpses of the world of employment within the arts sector, a discussion about fairness, openness and boundary setting within the workplace was especially informative. 

Symoré spoke about how she manages to create a fair understanding between her employers, ARK Stockton, and other collaborating artists through listening to everyone’s needs and goals within the workplace and creating efficient practices from this. 

Tobi said they were a big fan of “radical honesty”, and talked about the importance of expressing our wishes and boundaries for work in an employment setting. 

This was an enlightening discussion and I look forward to Part Two.

By Abigail Willock