Kabul evacuations are 'echoes of Saigon' - CGTN

For an hour, my computer screen became a window into the career of Jim Laurie. Laurie’s career has spanned over 52 years, and taken him all over the world reporting on the ground from some of the most important events to happen in recent history. From witnessing the American evacuation of Vietnam to interviewing Vladimir Putin, Jim Laurie gave a captivating insight into his experiences as a War Correspondent.

From his opening remarks of regret of not being in Leicester to discussing the time he met Putin, Jim Laurie is a man that oozes experience and knowledge. I wanted the conversation with Professor Kenneth Morrison to keep going and found myself wanting to learn more about these conflicts. As an ex-member of the armed forces, it was so interesting to hear another point of view of conflict. One that was so much closer to the front lines than I ever was.

The conversation became all too real when to topic of the war in Ukraine came up. It served as a reminder that even after a lifetime of reporting on situations that sound unfathomable, they still happen, and are happening now. Jim Laurie spent his career telling stories from the civilians that these conflicts affected, and it was a privilege to hear some of the experiences that went into a remarkable career.

Ryan Rawlings