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Suki Chan

This event was a delight. Sally Hossack, the interviewer, was joined by Suki Chan who is a photographer and filmmaker. Suki mostly uses light in her work, and I loved to see how it was used in various ways. I can see her deep passion for photography and art. The way she uses light in her art is amazing and made me appreciate nature and how time passes. 

She brought us back to her home in Hong Kong, the village Tsiu Hang Village. In her dilapidated home, she sat and noticed how passed by observing the light move. The way she described the changes of time felt calming.

I always see the world change and it is good to see the beauty in such unusual moments. In her short film, ‘Interval II’, my favourite part was when the stars revealed themselves in the sky. It was a beautiful film and calming to watch, as it lets us take in the beauty of the environment. Suki had another work shown called Still Point. At this point she was interested to learn about religion, and I’m glad she went to Istanbul for this short film. It was fascinating to see the passage of time and seeing light move as it felt that the world was infinite.

The moment I would take from Suki is to “follow your heart”, I loved hearing this. Even if you think it has been done by other people, it is still a chance to convey your own unique ideas, which enable connection with others.

Danniella Itorma