Cultural Exchange is a way to communicate, sympathise, and inform people who are curious or just have an interest in the event. The ‘Queered that Consent? (1)’ was such.

A road in fog is always hard to follow. This event on the other hand was very easy to follow as it communicated opinions from a range of different areas like performing arts and utensil arts to lab work and music.

The atmosphere all the way through the virtual stream of the even was welcoming and allowed me to really listen to what was said. We’re introduced to Priya, the organiser, who gave out a brilliant introduction to the presenters and their situations of being polyamory and non-monogamous around the queer community.

Symone and Tobi were the presenters that were very informed about both boundaries and how it can be expressed with there partners or work relationships. Trying to balance these things can sometimes be harder than carrying the world on your back.

The main thing to be gathered from the event was not only their opinions on topics things they’ve experienced but also how they communicate it to both empower themselves but also alleviate the situation. However, you cannot find a flower without muddy water.

I cannot say I agree with all that was being said but it is informative never-the-less. It was worth attending and even more so if you don’t understand the topic completely, it is a real eye opener.

Review by Thomas Williams