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A Healing Tone: ‘Low Girl x Courtney Askey: in Conversation, Revisited,’ : Danniella Itorma, Caitlin Newcombe

‘Low Girl x Courtney Askey: in Conversation, Revisited,’ is a relaxed performance that targets a wide audience of people such as fellow music-lovers and songwriters. It left us on the edge of our seats with Courtney and Low Girl’s alluring… Continue Reading →

“Radical honesty” By Abigail Willock

A Review of Queered that Consent? Podcast host Priya Mistry was joined by sound artist Tobi Adebajo and performance artist Symoré in a conversation about queer practices, identity and polygamy within the topic of consent.  One of the most important… Continue Reading →

“Unmissable…” Queered That Consent, Reviewed by Sophie Ockert

In this event, I received the privilege of listening to Symoné and Toni Adebajo regarding the topic of consent in polyamorous and non-monogamous practices. Polyamory can be defined as “the practice of engaging in multiple romantic relationships, with the consent… Continue Reading →

“A Road in Fog is Always Hard to Follow” – Queered that Consent (Part 1): Review by Thomas Williams

Cultural Exchange is a way to communicate, sympathise, and inform people who are curious or just have an interest in the event. The ‘Queered that Consent? (1)’ was such. A road in fog is always hard to follow. This event on… Continue Reading →

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