Composite image of four female and non-binary artists, two are white and two are people of colour

This review is on ‘Queered that Consent? (2)’ which was the second half of the twin event series. We are again introduced to the wonderful Priya, the organiser.

It follows the same discussion and principles that they featured in the first one which I found took away from the content. Nevertheless, it is rich in ideas and topics as we are introduced to Jenny who is in her 50’s, and Kitty in her 30’s.

Both of them are wonderful people and share their experiences in polyamorous and non-monogamy relationships at home and work.

They are seasoned professionals who aren’t afraid to showcase their values and interests in both their artistic practices and performances. Definitely worth a look if your stopping by and all the more if you get something out of it.

Again, there are some topics that we disagree on but it is still informative and I definitely came away with more than I started with and is equal in stature to its predecessor. Go take a look, gain some knowledge, and have fun.

Review by Thomas Williams